Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Big Boy Bed!

Oh, what an exciting day! Paul's big boy bed is ready! We are in the process of getting his big boy room finished... it is painted; we still need to put the boarder up and decorate the walls... but Paul is very excited about sleeping in his new bed, we didn't want to wait till the whole room was done. Okay, so when I asked him tonight if he wanted to sleep in his new bed, he did say "no I sleep in your bed'" but we are working on that too! He has helped us through the whole process. He picked out his paint and his boarder. Maybe with a little guidance and very limited choices, but he did have the final decision. Last Saturday, Grandpa picked Paul up so daddy and mommy could paint his room. Now I am trying to convince Grandma and Grandpa to come this weekend, so we can get the boarder up!

Other exciting news for the day: from the CCAA (straight from China) referrals have been sent for those with a LID from April 25th through May 13th. slowly but surely we are getting closer to a referral. China shuts down this Friday night (saturday morning there) until february 4th for their Chinese New Years. (which actually is January 29th) we hope some time in February they will give another batch of referrals.

so until next time... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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