Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Getting Ready...
Plane Tickets.... CHECK
Visa's........... CHECK
Prescriptions.... ALMOST CHECK
Parents figure out Skype...... Maybe someday!
packing........ almost thinking about it.
a zillion other things............ CHECK!

I can not believe now everything is moving quickly. Okay I know I bitched and moaned how slow things have been going for well 18 months... now that things are flying... WOW! Gee I can not tell you how busy things are at work, home and life now that we are just a few weeks away from traveling! SUCH IS LIFE. I can't wait we are coming sweet Kyra... we are coming.
~Until Next Time~
Wednesday, August 23, 2006
11 months old....
Our sweet Kyra turns 11 months today… 11 months without her Mommy and Daddy. Hopefully this will be the last month without each other. We may not be able to hold her or comfort her yet, but she is in our thoughts, prayers and hearts constantly. I hope she can feel the love that we have for her. WE are coming baby! My best guess is we will be in China for her birthday. So my dream is we will get on our web cam and Paul and Grandparents will be on theirs, and we will have a cyber birthday party for her. Maybe even a little cake and ice cream. Who knows, I have no idea where we will even be.

My emotions are on a roller coaster ride (still). I can’t believe we are going to China and finally getting Kyra. Okay, well hopefully we will be going to China soon. But then to think that we are going to China freaks me out. How am I going to leave Paul for two weeks? I know he is in the best hands possible. But I miss him when I am at work, or when goes to bed early. How am I am going to handle two weeks without my boy. What happens if our communication techniques don’t work in China? What happens if he is so mad at us, he takes it out on his little sister. It’s not like she is going to just sit quietly and eat, sleep and poop the first several months. She will be one. she will be into his toys and everything. We have been talking to paul about being the big brother and what an awesome / cool job that is, but what happens if the novelty wears off for him?? I am worried about his adjustment to all of this. I am sure he will be fine and he tells me all the time he loves his “sissy” and we buy her things, but it is easy now, she doesn’t live here with him!! I am sure all parents go through this when they bring in a second child, right?

What happens if Kyra doesn’t bond with me and what happens if she cries and screams and we become the couple others blog home about. You know what I am talking about they always say something like this: “…there’s one poor family, their baby is just having the roughest time bonding….” Come on we have all read those blogs, what happens if that is us!

What about snakes and mice on planes?!?! Darn the movie industry and TV world for featuring crap like that. Now I am freaked out some snake is going to slither it’s way into the toilet or over head compartment, or a mouse will chew on my toes while we fly millions of miles away.

Okay are you guys getting my snowball effect my emotions are having on me?!?! I play the “what if” game and guess what I have really no control over most of it. I just need to realize that everything will be fine. We are with a group of people. Bob and I will be together and together we can do anything. Yea, that lasts me about 30 seconds, and I start to panic a bit again.

~Until Next Time~
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Paul's First Goal (Trying to figure out video)
Saturday, August 19, 2006
Is it True? Can it Be?
A wonderful travel friend of ours, found out today a package is on it's way to our agency. Now we have no idea what this package is... but it could be our Travel Approvals (TA'S)! IF this is indeed the case, then our agency can get our Counsulate Appointments (CA's)... which means WE ARE GOING TO CHINA!!! Now unfotunately we have to wait till Tuesday or so, before we know for certain if its out TA'S... But the excitement mounts, and we have yet another package to track!
~Until Next Time~
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Here's our girl

Here's an updated picture of our Little one!! Isn't she beautiful!! She has four teeth now and toppling over at 17 Pounds. The hair is still crazy, but that is okay, it gives her character!

Sorry I have not posted a lot since the referral... I guess too many emotions. I mistakenly thought the roller coaster ride would end magically when we got our referral. Boy I was wrong. The guessing game just continues, we are just not guessing about different things!

~Until Next Time~

Okay, as soon as BLOGGER let's me post pictures, then I will... ARGH!
Sunday, August 06, 2006
Happy Birthday Paul!

This past weekend we celebrated my sweet, Paul's THIRD birthday! I can not believe he is three. He has grown up so much, and it is amazing how much he changes and learns something new every day!! Actually, more accurately, he teaches me something new and exciting every day. Paul becomes excited at the funniest things, and he shows his excitment in the best ways. He makes me see things in a whole new light. Like the smallest things, seeing a butterfly, or a bug, or watching Garfield, for the 100000 time and he watches with the intent as if it was the first! I love you PAUL!!!

This whole past week has been a whirl wind, and I believe I have hit a wall of exhaustion. Just to reacap... Monday was paul's oral surgery. All went wonderfully. Then in the afternoon we got Kyra's referral. Tuesday I attempted to get work done (yea right) Wednesday we finally saw our sweet little Kyra face. And let's just say that day was the most emotionally draining day I had, had since we got Paul's referral 3 years ago. Paul's reaction: she's cute can i have candy now?? what more did i expect out of a 3 year old. Thursday and Friday attempted to get through the work week and spend time wiht my brother and his children that came into town. Friday night celebrated Paul's birthday and Saturday, yet again celebrated Paul's birthday. A week with very little sleep. I think for a few days if I got more than 2-3 hours I was doing great. Needless to say today we all crashed. I just can't believe we have a daughter. I want to learn everything I can about her providence, and where she is from. I want to kiss that sad face and let her know mommy and daddy will alwyas be here for her. Ah I wish I could jump on a plane today! Well, except I am having HUGE anxiety about leaving Paul. Okay more than HUGE anxiety. It makes my heart skip a beat everytime I even think about it. But Bob and I have decided it was best for Paul and Kyra. Best for me, probably not, but this trip is not about me....It is about Kyra and her bonding to us. Did I mention that she crys loudly at strangers?? Don't get me wrong I did not expect an easy union. But OH NO! But for now we are in the hurry up and wait stage... and we are waiting for TA's and working on getting our Visa's done and I am here freaking out. (that is what I do best!!!)

~Until next Time!~
Wednesday, August 02, 2006
We are over the move to introduce you to Guang Si HE. Born September 23rd, 2005

Lot's more info to come, but too excited to type right now!~!~~