Friday, February 24, 2006
My little swimmer!
All I can say is: our son has NO FEAR of Water! Paul and I are currently taking swimming lessons. Each week my little guy gets a little more daring in what he does. This week, he decided that he did not want Mommy to hold onto him any longer. Now Mind you the water is up to my shoulders.... and Paul can not swim. So he kicked, and broke loose momentarily, and down he went... I grab him, and pull him up, and he is laughing, thinking it was great! After a stern lecture he did not do it again, but did insist to pretty much have his face in the water the rest of the class. We are not allowed to use the safety vests because they don't want the parent / child to rely on them. Okay, but it is comforting to have! Needless to say my nerves were temporarily shot, but I am very glad he is learning the basics, so we can be around water. Swimming has been such a part of my life growing up. Spent every summer at the pool or the ocean :-) I just don't want him over confident! Overall he is doing very well with the class. He is always deemed the best splasher (what a privilege). And like I said, he is not afraid to get his face wet! He is going to be like his Uncle Rob and Cousin Caleb, impossible to get out of the water! We spent the last 10 minuets jumping off the wall, while the other kids were going down the slide. At that point in time I was just trying to wear him out by having him climb out of the water onto the wall... Mommy was successful! So overall yet another wonderful week at swimming lessons! Next week I think I will have Bob take him!
Monday, February 20, 2006
Lady Bugs and Thinking Pink!
AH, I love the color PINK! So I broke down this weekend and started to buy Kyra some clothes!! Like with Paul, I had told myself not to buy anything till we got our referral. You know I was trying to be practical and find out weight, etc, till I bought something. Let's just say girl clothing is soooo much fun to buy!! I didn't go over the top buying. well, at least I don't think I did. Bob may say something different. I also found some bargains for Paul as well, that I will put away for next winter. It is so hard trying to guess what size your child will be the following year! Aside from my shopping spree it was a relatively quiet weekend. We spent time with Grandma and Grandpa both Saturday and Sunday, which Paul just loves doing. Paul loves giving his Grandpa a hard time. who knew a 2 1/2 year old could be just as sarcastic as his grandpa!

In the past two days we have seen two Ladybugs! Paul and I have made wishes for his baby sister to be home soon and then we have sent them free outside. Poor little Buggers are probably frozen outside! Hopefully China will be sending referrals soon. This batch will really help us gauge when we should be expecting our referral. (I have been saying that every month). Let's hope they give referrals through at least part of JUNE! Realistically let's hope they get through all of MAY! I am telling you this wait has been horrible. in two weeks it has been 8 months of just waiting! (just having a bit of a pity party for myself.)

Well it is time to read books with Paul. Good Night and God Bless!
Friday, February 17, 2006
Poem that I ran across....
For every single heart that yearns
to know a love so pure,
may you find the strength in your soul
to press onward and endure.

For every single heart that lies awake,
each beat filled with emotion,
rocking dreams with empty arms
to be filled near or across the ocean.

For every single heart that dares to hope,
knowing that they are on their own,
the desire for parenthood firmly planted
to love the child who is all alone.

For every single heart that races in fear
wondering what they are in for,
the unknown, the doubts,
the question of what's in store.

For every single heart taking that first step
toward making their dreams come true,
the whole process is worthwhile
when the reality is you.

For every single heart that takes a chance
to find the child their dreams have sought,
to finally breathe again,
when that first glimpse of you is caught.

For every single heart that travels,
across town or over seas,
to finally hold you close,
sitting, having gone weak in the knees.

For every single heart that heals
as we begin our family,
never more to be alone,
now everything is "we".

For every single heart that adopts
in answer to your longing's call,
may the Lord above bless you,
parent, child, and all.
© Ginger King
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

pictures from the week! hope you enjoy!
Panic attacks!
How am I going to leave Paul for two weeks to go to China!!!

Okay, I am trying to do one of my preplanned panic attacks now, so when the time comes I will have already come up with a solution. All daylong I keep thinking to myself, there is no way I am going to survive being a half a world away from Paul that long. Let alone thinking that after, oh about a day away from us, Paul is ready for Bob and I to be home. He is very much home oriented, we go to his house to play, everyone comes to his house. When we have been out too long, it is “let’s go to my house now.” Now thankfully grandparents all live close and they will have access to our house so they can go any time they like, so Paul can have his familiar things. Paul hopes Uncle Rob comes down and takes him for a few days to give grandparents a break! I know people will be coming and going from our house, I am sure there will even be a party or two there, heck you all know we have the TV, so if there are any good Sporting events, or Nascar on, everyone will be there.… so while you are there feel free to play with the cats, and clean the house J Just kidding! Well sorta!

But how am I going to leave Paul??? Right when he is on the brink of being that terrible two year old everyone warns you about, he turns on his charm and smiles and gives me that great big hug, or he says the funniest thing, and no longer can I be mad. I am sure he is going to do better with the separation that we are. Okay, better than I will do. Bob goes with the flow. He will miss paul, but he won’t be the wreck I will be. We plan on calling, blogging and we are hopefully going to figure out if we can somehow set up video connection from our computer to my parents. I am sure he is going to do better than I am. Thankfully the trip will be busy and Kyra will become our main focus, but I still just can’t imagine being that far away from Paul for that long. Ah, and I haven’t even had the panic attack about CHINA yet. I will never forget Russia… at least there they ate with FORKS! Apparently China is very westernized, and there is a Starbucks on every corner, which would be great if I drank coffee… And it is not like we are going to China alone. We will be with a group the entire time. I just have to get all my panicking out now, so I will be completely focused on our daughter Kyra.

Now, I do have to make a point of clarification, No we have not heard any word on our daughter, nor do we really know when we will hear anything, like I said I am trying to have pre planned panic attacks so I don’t do them all at once we get out referral!

Until I write again! Many more panic attacks I am sure!

Friday, February 10, 2006
Never a dull moment at the Belanich's
February 10, 2006 (where does the time go!!!)

I am behind in posting! Time just flies by, and before you know it, another day has past, and I still have not updated the Blog.
Well, we have had a lot of fun this past week. It started with Last Saturday (February 4th, 2006) Paul’s big day. We spent the morning just being a family of three, and enjoying each other. Then in the afternoon we picked up Grandma and Grandpa Weinmann, and Grandma Judy and we went to the Children’s Museum in Dayton. I believe, officially, we got through the whole thing in about 15 minuets, going from one exhibit to the next. I just knew it would take 5 adults to chase one 2 ½ year old!!! Paul was WILD! But had a blast!!! But we did wind up spending the whole afternoon there, and had a very enjoyable time. Paul’s favorite, as always, were the dinosaurs. Unfortunately this 13 ft long python also fascinated him. Needless to say I still have nightmares about that! We also watched a laser show about amusement parks. It was amazing, you felt like you were actually on the rides. Paul actually did very well with it; I on the other hand, have no desire to go to Kings Island this summer. I had enough with that. After the museum, we went back to grandma and grandpa’s for a much needed nap! Then it was off to our most favorite Pizza joint. MARIONS. Almost the whole family came out for that. Thank you Uncle Rob, Ted, bill, tom and Aunt Heather, for coming out! (Along with TJ, Zack, Mathew, Grandma Judy and Grandma / Grandpa Weinmann.) Paul always has fun with his family! We did miss Aunt Lynne, Aunt Laura, Uncle Jay and Caleb and Leah. We hope some day we all can be together!

Sunday was yet another eventful day. It was Uncle Rob’s Birthday and the super bowl. Again, we all had fun, and well I ate too much! Needless to say the diet thing did not work too well last week.

Tuesday Paul had a big day! He had to get his first X-ray… of his chest! Unfortunately I doubt that will be the only x-ray he ever has. He has had a nasty cough and the dr. wanted to just rule out everything, since he had bronchitis already once this year. Thankfully all came back clear, and we were set to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s Anniversary dinner! CONGRATULATIONS MOM AND DAD 36 Years of Marriage!!! (yet again, more food to eat! My poor diet!)

Thursday evening was the first evening for swimming lessons for Paul and me. We had a blast. Unfortunately as Bob took the first picture, the batteries on the camera died. SO we will have to get pictures next week.

I will upload pictures later to show you excitement from our week!
There are no updates on China, just that with each passing day we ware that much closer to little Kyra. I will share later my worries of becoming a family of four, and Paul’s acceptance of it all!!
Saturday, February 04, 2006
Paul then....

Life in Russia...
Paul now...

oh how things changed in two years....
Forever Family Day...2006
FOREVER FAMILY DAY – February 4th, 2006

2 years ago was the last time we walked into baby home number 1 in Novokuznesk Siberia. The day before we were given permission by the Russian Government to officially adopt you and bring you home to the United States with us. At the Orphanage we were quickly ushered into a sterile little room, with a changing table and a mirror. Within Seconds you were brought to us, wrapped in a blanket and with nothing but an old diaper on. Quickly we get out the camera and I give you hugs and kisses… and I stare at amazement at this tiny little baby, my son. It was time for me to dress you for the first time. The nerves got the better of me, and well, the diaper didn’t fit too well when I attempted over and over again to put it on backwards~ Finally after checking you over a million times, and finally getting your diaper on correctly you were dressed in your brand new outfit, (probably the first one you ever owned) and you brand new snow suite. Within minuets, the director and staff at the orphanage were saying good-bye to their little Stepan, and wishing PAUL William a lifetime of happiness with his forever family. The drive home was surreal; the rest of the day from there is a blur. I just remember having this perfect angel in my arms and in my life! Daddy had several busy days when you first came to us. He had to go and get your passport, and travel the rest of the country to do Lord Knows what, and we got to bond and stay in a hotel room… only to be scolded if I dared to open the door and get us some fresh air. I had absolutely no idea what to do from there. Sure I had baby sat a million of times before, but you were my son, my baby, my life… and I did not want to do anything wrong. I tried my hardest to keep to your schedule. To feed you exactly what you were fed, to have you sleep exactly when you were supposed to sleep, play with the similar toys, and keep a similar routine. Well, that quickly went out the door, and instead we did things that were familiar to mommy, and I talked and talked to you, showing you pictures of your family back in the US, we listened and danced to music, we played peek-a-boo and I made silly faces at you. But most of all we enjoyed our time looking out the window…. We had a large window and windowsill in our room. We sat on the sill for hours, and you would look out the window at the children playing below, or men walking to and from work. It seemed to bring you comfort and peace. You sat in my arms so contently just watching the people of Novokuznesk pass us by. I sat holding you so peacefully and contently knowing you were my son. The child I have waited to have for so long.

Since our time in Russia… you have had so many first in your life. Your daddy and I are so very blessed that we have had the opportunity to be there for almost all your firsts. First tooth, first crawl, first sitting up, first step, first time your ran, your first words, all the firsts with food, first time you saw the ocean, first time you ran in the grass, or sand. The first time you touched and smelled a flower, first time you went down a slide, first time you went to the potty (now come on and do it again!!!) There are a million memories that we have created in these short two years.

You have taught me so much as well. You have taught me how a child loves something / someone unconditionally and without judgment. You have taught me that you know exactly when to turn on that smile of yours and charm, and how you can warm anyone’s heart. You have taught me patience. You have taught me to see life through a child’s eye. To see the good in the situations, and realize yes, to have a cookie makes any situation better. You bring me happiness and love. I promise you to always be there for you. I promise to protect and to guide you. I promise you that I will let you be your own person and to grow and explore as you should. I promise to love you unconditionally as you have loved me.

Love you....

Thursday, February 02, 2006
We went to a FTIA meeting tonight. Any opportunity we have to talk about Paul and our experience with FTIA and Russia we take. I remember the first time we sat in a FTIA meeting.. I remember walking in, thinking this is really not for us, but we will get the information anyways... during the meeting I thought to myself, there is no way we will ever afford this, then they bring out the families that have already adopted to tell their stories... and I remember thinking maybe we too could have our family completed through adoption. I love attending these meetings and giving other families the hope and a glimmer of what life can be like. You don't have to rich, or powerful, with internation adoption you don't have to compete for a child... you just have to be willing to take that leap of faith into the unknown. I have to admit it has been the best thing Bob and I have done. I can't wait to add Kyra to our family. Kyra... I long for my daughter. I see other "daughters" from China, and my heart just soars with anticipation. I know with each passing day we are that much closer to her. I just have to keep on telling myself that! When does that darn Chinese New Year end, so CCAA can get back to work!!!

ah well, before the ramblings begin, which i feel it may.. i am going to end this, as my thoughts are going in all different directions.