Thursday, February 02, 2006
We went to a FTIA meeting tonight. Any opportunity we have to talk about Paul and our experience with FTIA and Russia we take. I remember the first time we sat in a FTIA meeting.. I remember walking in, thinking this is really not for us, but we will get the information anyways... during the meeting I thought to myself, there is no way we will ever afford this, then they bring out the families that have already adopted to tell their stories... and I remember thinking maybe we too could have our family completed through adoption. I love attending these meetings and giving other families the hope and a glimmer of what life can be like. You don't have to rich, or powerful, with internation adoption you don't have to compete for a child... you just have to be willing to take that leap of faith into the unknown. I have to admit it has been the best thing Bob and I have done. I can't wait to add Kyra to our family. Kyra... I long for my daughter. I see other "daughters" from China, and my heart just soars with anticipation. I know with each passing day we are that much closer to her. I just have to keep on telling myself that! When does that darn Chinese New Year end, so CCAA can get back to work!!!

ah well, before the ramblings begin, which i feel it may.. i am going to end this, as my thoughts are going in all different directions.

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