Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Panic attacks!
How am I going to leave Paul for two weeks to go to China!!!

Okay, I am trying to do one of my preplanned panic attacks now, so when the time comes I will have already come up with a solution. All daylong I keep thinking to myself, there is no way I am going to survive being a half a world away from Paul that long. Let alone thinking that after, oh about a day away from us, Paul is ready for Bob and I to be home. He is very much home oriented, we go to his house to play, everyone comes to his house. When we have been out too long, it is “let’s go to my house now.” Now thankfully grandparents all live close and they will have access to our house so they can go any time they like, so Paul can have his familiar things. Paul hopes Uncle Rob comes down and takes him for a few days to give grandparents a break! I know people will be coming and going from our house, I am sure there will even be a party or two there, heck you all know we have the TV, so if there are any good Sporting events, or Nascar on, everyone will be there.… so while you are there feel free to play with the cats, and clean the house J Just kidding! Well sorta!

But how am I going to leave Paul??? Right when he is on the brink of being that terrible two year old everyone warns you about, he turns on his charm and smiles and gives me that great big hug, or he says the funniest thing, and no longer can I be mad. I am sure he is going to do better with the separation that we are. Okay, better than I will do. Bob goes with the flow. He will miss paul, but he won’t be the wreck I will be. We plan on calling, blogging and we are hopefully going to figure out if we can somehow set up video connection from our computer to my parents. I am sure he is going to do better than I am. Thankfully the trip will be busy and Kyra will become our main focus, but I still just can’t imagine being that far away from Paul for that long. Ah, and I haven’t even had the panic attack about CHINA yet. I will never forget Russia… at least there they ate with FORKS! Apparently China is very westernized, and there is a Starbucks on every corner, which would be great if I drank coffee… And it is not like we are going to China alone. We will be with a group the entire time. I just have to get all my panicking out now, so I will be completely focused on our daughter Kyra.

Now, I do have to make a point of clarification, No we have not heard any word on our daughter, nor do we really know when we will hear anything, like I said I am trying to have pre planned panic attacks so I don’t do them all at once we get out referral!

Until I write again! Many more panic attacks I am sure!

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