Friday, February 24, 2006
My little swimmer!
All I can say is: our son has NO FEAR of Water! Paul and I are currently taking swimming lessons. Each week my little guy gets a little more daring in what he does. This week, he decided that he did not want Mommy to hold onto him any longer. Now Mind you the water is up to my shoulders.... and Paul can not swim. So he kicked, and broke loose momentarily, and down he went... I grab him, and pull him up, and he is laughing, thinking it was great! After a stern lecture he did not do it again, but did insist to pretty much have his face in the water the rest of the class. We are not allowed to use the safety vests because they don't want the parent / child to rely on them. Okay, but it is comforting to have! Needless to say my nerves were temporarily shot, but I am very glad he is learning the basics, so we can be around water. Swimming has been such a part of my life growing up. Spent every summer at the pool or the ocean :-) I just don't want him over confident! Overall he is doing very well with the class. He is always deemed the best splasher (what a privilege). And like I said, he is not afraid to get his face wet! He is going to be like his Uncle Rob and Cousin Caleb, impossible to get out of the water! We spent the last 10 minuets jumping off the wall, while the other kids were going down the slide. At that point in time I was just trying to wear him out by having him climb out of the water onto the wall... Mommy was successful! So overall yet another wonderful week at swimming lessons! Next week I think I will have Bob take him!
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