Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Here's our girl

Here's an updated picture of our Little one!! Isn't she beautiful!! She has four teeth now and toppling over at 17 Pounds. The hair is still crazy, but that is okay, it gives her character!

Sorry I have not posted a lot since the referral... I guess too many emotions. I mistakenly thought the roller coaster ride would end magically when we got our referral. Boy I was wrong. The guessing game just continues, we are just not guessing about different things!

~Until Next Time~

Okay, as soon as BLOGGER let's me post pictures, then I will... ARGH!
Anonymous Traci said...
I saw her on a different forum. Take my word for it....she's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Sandy, isn't it weird how the emotions change and are even more overwhelming? I was shocked by that also.

Have a great day!

Love, Traci

Blogger Lauren said...
I can't wait to see her.

Congrats again.

Blogger Mary said...
I love her crazy hair. What a cutie.

Blogger Elle said...
That hair! What a cutie!

Blogger Margaret said...
She's adorable! Ironically, it looks like she's styling her stuffed animal's hair. :-)

Blogger Debbie said...
She is so precious. I hope you get your TA's tomorrow.