Sunday, July 23, 2006
FTIA Reunion

Some old friends, together again...

This weekend was the FTIA Family Reunion. Let's just say the weather was perfect and the company was even better. Every year it seems like we know more and more people and it just makes the picnic that much more enjoyable. This year was especially wonderful for us, as Maureen and her daughter Liza made the trip to the reunion. Maureen travelled with us on our second trip to Russia and our children are from the same region of Kemerovo. Liza is not from the same baby home, or same city as Paul, but she was the first friend Paul had outside the walls of the Orphanage. They had not seen each other since Paul was six months old and we left our hotel for the last time in Moscow Russia. We introduced the two, and Paul simply stared at her, taking Liza in. It was one of the most moving things I have witnessed. It was as if they knew eachother, and knew just how special they are! They had a wonderful time chasing each other, and playing together throughout the day. Paul and Liza will always have a bond that is very special. We hope to go see Liza and her mom later this year. With our new found reconnectedness we want our children to grow up knowing each other and continuing on with their special bond.

Aside from the reunion we got to spend some time with Bob's best friend and his wife; Scott and Dr. Amy. Scott has been VERY busy studying to take the Bar exam and we are very thankful he was able to spend some time with us just two days before the biggest exam in his life. Needless to say I got to learn about some law... I am sure he will PASS and we are sending him many prayers!

We were awoken this morning by the oddest sound. At first I thought Scott and Dr. Amy's air conditioner was going in and out. Bob thought Paul was breathing heavily (okay so REALLY HEAVY) Then Bob and I both jolted awake realizing it was hot air balloons... LANDING in their back yard. YUP that's right~ THREE hot air balloons landed in Scott and Amy's back yard... Okay so the field immediately behind their back yard. Needless to say it renewed my interest in wanting to go up in one. Bob promised a few years back for my 30th birthday, so maybe this year for my B-day we can go on a hot air balloon ride (HINT HINT BOB~). After the excitement of the Hot air balloons, we got our selves up and going and then spent the day at the Indy Zoo. It is such a kid friendly place, and a great way to wear Paul out for the ride home.

Paul and Liza's First car ride together

2 1/2 years later - fast friends.

It has been a wonderful weekend with my boys, and it was good to get away from the gossip and frustration of this current adoption. But alas it is Sunday Night and I am dying to check the sites, as it MONDAY morning in CHINA!
~Until Next Time~