Wednesday, July 26, 2006
We are having a baby!!!!! Our "referral" is on it's way... who know where she is right now though. I am being a little cautious as the CCAA has not updated it's page yet and for some reason we can not get a tracking number on the package. So, I don't know if referrals have been sent, or will be sent. BUT FTIA confirmed that referrals are being sent this week and by early next week we should have pictures, and details! YAH! Today has been an amazing day, the first of many more to come. And on other exciting news I got my first TWO homestudies to do as a social worker. I am so excited to be on the other end of doing home studies!! Little nerve racking, but it will definitely help pass the time between referral and travel!

Okay, gotta go back to checking the CCAA website every two seconds and to bug DHL for tracking numbers!!

~Until Next Time~
Blogger Margaret said...
So excited for you!!!! I can't wait to hear about your little one.

Anonymous Traci said...
Sandy, Bob & Paul are having a baaaaby! YEA!!! We are so completely happy for you! Come on CCAA and DHL!! Stop making these people worry.

Congratulations Mom and Dad!

Traci, Scott, Valerie & Kevin

Blogger Sandy said...
Yeah, Sandy!! Can't wait to hear about the arrival of Miss Kyra!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend celebrating!!
The other Sandy B

Blogger Lauren said...
How wonderful and exciting!


Blogger Elle said...
Oh how fantastic. I can't wait to see the photo of your precious little angel!!!!

Blogger Kim said...
Congratulations! We are on stork alert as well :) Can't wait to see those cute faces show up!