Sunday, March 05, 2006
8 months and still waiting.....
Today marks 8 months of waiting for baby Kyra. Not to mention the 5 months of paperwork we had to do prior to our wait! Our agency has now moved the wait time to 9-10 months. So we are HOPING for a referral by May. But at this time I don’t even want to speculate. The CCAA hasn’t even gotten through the month of May yet for referrals. Our paperwork is currently in the review room and then it goes to the matching room. Referrals did just come out last week. SO we are very happy for those families, and we do have lots of online buddies that are getting very close to their referral date so we are getting excited for them. A year ago we thought for certain we would be home from China by spring. Now I just hope we get to travel before fall. I have to admit the longer this whole process takes the more depressed I get. I try very hard not to, but I can’t seem to help it. I just want our daughter home with us… I used to think she was born last July. Now I have no idea. I hate not knowing her birthday, what she looks like, if she ate well today, did she sleep well today? Did someone give her an extra hug? I know her caregivers are taking care of her but not like I would. I just want her home!! Before I get myself all down again, onto more exciting news!
My brother, Rob, and his children Caleb and Leah came down this weekend. It is the weekend before Leah’s 6th birthday. So we had a bit of birthday celebration for her. On Saturday we started the afternoon by going to Chucky Cheese. The kids had a wonderful time. And I think an adult or two enjoyed playing skeet ball!
After Chucky Cheese we went home for a much needed nap, and to get ready for the surprise birthday party for Leah. We had our neighbors over, my parents, my Cousin Sean, his wife Pam and Rob and the kids. Leah was very surprised. She kept on saying but my birthday isn’t till next week. But she didn’t seem to mind having two parties. She also made a new friend with Georgia. Georgia and Leah had a great time playing tea party and singing with Leah’s new Karaoke machine!
Aside from a very busy weekend, Paul continues to do well in swimming lessons. Last week he got to lead the group in jumping off the wall! And more excitingly Bob was the one that took him in for swimming lessons~ another first!
~ until next time…..
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