Wednesday, July 12, 2006
July 12th and no rumors
Well, of course all the boards are silent to any rumors this month. Why would I expect anything less! But I am not going to let it get me down... because as I stay positive, we are NEXT!

So for this post... I will just say we are waiting patiently. We are staying very busy this summer. Paul is keeping us on our toes to say the least. We have had some power stuggles. YES with an almost 3 year old, power struggles do occur. Potty training is still slow going. and we are having a difficult time deciding do we send him to pre preschool this year, or wait till next year. he will be just turning 3 next month, so he will be very young in the class, and I am not too sure he is completely ready. He is very smart, that's not the problem. It is hard to put our finger on it. We will be deciding in the next month what to do... a ton can happen in a month... like actually get our referral! Unfortunately we don't think we will have our referral before FTIA'S reunion. (It is next weekend). Last year when we went, we just got our LID, this year, we will just still be waiting. But we are totally looking forward to it! We have had a blast ever year, and I am sure this year will be no different.

Well, next time I promise to post some pics of Paul... Let's face it, he's my pride and Joy, even if he is a complete challenge! Maybe you guys can help me decide what picture to submit to FTIA for their calendar!
~Until Next Time~