Tuesday, June 27, 2006
..some of our FTIA buddies were able to put faces to the names they were given yesterday. And let me tell you each and every one of the babies are beautiful. Their eyes were so dark and each told it's own story. A story that only they know. But so very soon, a new chapter in their life will occur; one that has a family that adores them, and cherish them, and will hold on to them forever. It brought me so much happiness to see the "posts" about referrals and then pictures today.
I have also been looking at sites regarding the regions where the babies came from. My heart was torn. On one hand babies looked very well cared for, on the other hand.. the image I can not get out of my head, of the cribs the babies sleep in... If I can figure it out I will post a link. but the cribs, are nothing that we see here in America, and actually I never saw one like this in Russia either. I am used to the rooms full of rows and rows of cribs. what I had not seen before were the cribs that had no mattress. Just a board to sleep on. Laying each day and night on a hard board. That breaks my heart! Paul in his orphanage had a little mattress, it wasn't anything to write home about, but it was something. From the pictures I see, the children in China do not. Another thing that amazes me, Russia, is very strict about what you can and can not publish prior to adoption, from what I gather China is not. There are pictures of children in the Orphanges, crib rooms etc. In Russia we were not allowed to take pictures of other children. I am sure I am going to make a lot of comparisons of the two countries. But I have to try hard not to do that. There is absolutely no comparing Russia, China and America. we are three individual countries.
I do have to say the rest of June has gone so very slow. I can not believe it is not JULY yet. I shamefully admit I have already started searching for rumors. Now I am realistic and KNOW that nothing won't come out for for a few weeks yet, but I was just fishing. It is nice to fish, and think... believe.. KNOW we will be next. (see that is me being positive again!). Ah well, tonight I will go to bed thinking of what a wonderful son I have at home, the daughter I will have, and the children I just met in a picture....
~Until Next Time~
Anonymous Traci said...
It's July Sandy! Praying for a very fast month for all of you!

Traci :-)