Tuesday, October 10, 2006
back home and adjusting...
hey all! we are back home and finally doing well... we had a bout of illness, and one hospital visit later... but we are doing much better. Promise pictures to come soon!
Blogger Sandy said...
sorry to hear you all have been sick! i've been wondering how paul and kyra were adjusting to eachother. hope to see pics soon!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
We followed your journey to China. It was amazing to see. Glad you all arrived safely and are now feeling better. Can't wait to hear all about Paul and Kyra together and the adjustment of adding your 2nd child to the family. I am getting nervous about that. We should hear something soon about our 2nd trip to Russia to bring Cooper home. Can't wait to see you pics of your two babies together.


Anonymous Traci said...

The Smith house is so glad to hear that you're back in the game. I've heard through Carrie about your illnesses. I'm sorry you all had to deal with that.

Somehow we have to plan a get together with a few of the girls. Angela and Lainey came over today and we saw Lainey and Lily at the Waiting Families meeting last night. We were hoping your family might be there too. Can't wait to see you. We look forward to pictures.

Oh, pencil us in on your calendar for March 7th or just after. We need you to do our 6 month follow up.

Traci, Scott, Jaden, Valerie & Kevin