Sunday, April 09, 2006
Firetrucks, Aquarium and an Easter Egg Hunt....

I can't believe how long it has been since the last post... time simply slips by. Needless to say it has been a busy couple of weeks. a few weekends ago we we went up to spend some time with my brother. We took Paul to Uncle Rob's fire station. It was quite interesting, Paul took it all in, however would not go near or in the fire trucks. He told us how much he loved the station but we really couldn't tell because of his lack of wanting to go near the trucks. Well the next morning he confirmed he loved the station... he woke up exclaiming "I loved the firetrucks, but I am too little to drive..." ah that's my boy! Last weekend we took Paul to the Aquarium in Newport Kentucky. We went with our neighbors and their kids. The kids had a great time. And they were quite cute holding hands while they walked through. Paul was in heaven. Paul just loved the sharks and still talking about them. This weekend Paul went to his first Easter Egg Hunt. All I can say about that is: it was FREEZING! However we did enjoy our time with "Aunt" Sara. "Aunt" Sara came down for the weekend, and Paul enjoys playing with her. And Bob and I enjoyed convincing Sara she could not live without an IPod. So we stayed up to all hours of the night listening and downloading good music!

Onward to adoption news...... I would love to say we have news, but we don't. We are at, however, the NINE month wait. Our agency is now saying the wait is 10-11 Months. I am thinking 12-13 months because that is just our luck. But I am going to look on the bright side... that just gives us more time to figure out the whole potty thing with Paul. Like that is going good... NOT.

Until next time~
Anonymous Traci Smith said...
Potty training.........I hate potty training! Hang in there Sandy and Bob! Thank God they finally do get it. Unfortunately, you sometimes have to teeter on the verge of insanity to get them there!

"See Paul...See Paul poopy in the potty...."

I can't believe we're signing up to do that again!!! YUCH! I should be encouraging you. Sorry, the memories are clouding over my good judgement! ;-)


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