Thursday, April 27, 2006
REFERRALS... well at least some.

ah, another batch of referrals... and this time we have some of our FTIA JUNE BUDDIES receiving information on their babies. This brings a HUGE smile to my face. It makes it real, that people we know are getting their referrals. The fact that CCAA referred from May 31st through June 6th... does not. But hey at least it is a whole week this time. The longer the wait is, the more I procrastinate and the more I feel like I am not prepared. There is so much I still need to do, but keep on telling myself, ah, I have time. Well the one thing I need to do, and do now, is get our appointment to be refingerprinted. They will be expiring soon, so will have to bite the bullet and get that done. I am crossing my fingers our other paper work does not expire... or this whole thing could get REALLY expensive. I also need to start getting "gifts" for our trips. So anyone that has BTDT and reads this, suggestions are welcomed. I have no idea what to buy.

Here are some pictures of my two biggest loves in my life. Bob and Paul. I know I don't tell Bob enough, but he is by far the best father/husband I could ever ask to have for Paul/me. He is amazing. He is right there doing all the hard work and he and Paul have such a wonderful relationship. I get so wrapped up in Paul, work and this adoption, I think I forget to tell my husband how much he means to me and how treasured he is. I honestly don't know what I would do without bob. He is my rock, my best friend, my love!!
~Until Next time~
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