Thursday, May 04, 2006
10 Months and Still "Pregnant"!
Ah, May 5th marks 10 months of official waiting for Baby Kyra. That does not include the 5 months of paper work that we did prior to our "wait." The good news is we shouldn't have too many more months to go. The operative word there is SHOULDN'T. Amazingly rumors for May have already began. I am not putting too much weight in them yet, as it is way to early to know what the CCAA will do this month. The one and only thing I know is we won't be getting our referral, but more of our friends will be, so that will be fun to watch.

Paul is doing wonderful in swimming lessons this time around. He listens to his instructor. Yes, LISTENS. I know shocked me as well. Actually, yesterday, I didn't even get in the water with him for the first half of the class. HE DID GREAT! I am so proud of him. Paul is also enjoying the warmer weather. Needless to say we spend a ton of time outside riding his bike, taking walks and playing with any type of ball imaginable.

well, heres to another month of dreaming of our little one in China.... Knowing someday it will be our turn.

~Until next time~