Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Roller Coaster Rides
Roller Coaster Ride…. Yup, that’s how my life feels right now, like a roller coaster. There are times that are smooth sailing, other times I feel like I am holding on for dear life and yet other times I feel like the climb up the hill will never ever end. The sad thing is that can all happen in one day. Right now the hill in front of us feels like it is never ending. I can see the top of it, but we just can’t seem to reach it. Actually at times, we slip backwards a few steps and need nudges to get moving again. One nudge this past week was; we got our appointment time for our re-fingerprinting. So, that will be all up to date again. We are saying prayers that we will be in the US Consulate by November 12th so we don’t have to redo any more paper work. That is the magical date for lots of our paper work. I keep on thinking we have to be getting close to the end of the ride. But for the time being it feels like endless. I guess I just can’t wait to get on that next “ride” and I am frustrated with this one. I want to start enjoying ourselves again and stop living each month by when the next batch of referrals will come out. I try hard not to focus on that, but the only person I am kidding is my self. I wish I could give up the “Rumor Queen” but it is an addiction… I wish I could say I don’t hang on every word of complete strangers that I have met through this adoption experience. But again the fact is, I hang on every word, praying just praying one of these days they will be right. But alas, I know we have at least two – three more months before our referral… So my dear readers (if there are any) I do promise you some day there will only be happiness on this board. And actually there is a lot of happiness, I just at times over shadow it with wallowing in my own self pity!

On to better news: This past weekend we had a fabulous time with family and friends. Saturday we celebrated my nephew’s 8th birthday. We started by taking the kids to the Movie “CARS”. Interestingly Caleb fell asleep the first half, Paul fell asleep the second half… Leah and the adults stayed up for the entire movie. After the movie we headed back to our house for a cookout and our neighbors joined us! All had fun. Then on Sunday we got to have a rainy picnic at Grandma Judy’s house. An added treat was: Aunt Laura was in town from Arizona. Paul enjoyed playing with his cousins and seeing Aunt Laura, we just hope next time Uncle Jay could come with her. And we miss Aunt Lynne deeply. Hope to see both of you soon!

Praying that some more friends get their referrals soon…….

~Until Next time~
Anonymous Traci said...
Of course you have readers, Sandy! I'm right here reading you when I should be sleeping.

I know what you're going through and I wish that I could make it better for you. Unfortunately, it's the CCAA that will finally stop the ride and let you off. I do want to share this with you though....

.....Last month the ride was stopped for our family and we were allowed to get off. We have spent this entire month walking through the beautifully landscaped gardens and will soon arrive at the big curtain with the big gift hidden behind it. Our referral is only a very short time away and it feels UNBELIEVABLE!

I want you to know that you're going to feel this. I don't know when exactly (just as I didn't know when we would) but you are going to feel this incredible peace and joy. You are going to sit at your desk, or in your car or on the phone with friends and cry because your heart is so FULL of joy at the idea that it is finally your turn.

This is going to happen to you and I beg you to hang on. Hang on because it feels wonderful to finally step off of that roller coaster and enjoy the stroll through the gardens on the way to meet your daughter.

You are a wonderful Mom and your daughter IS getting closer.

God Bless!


Blogger Lisa said...
I know exactly how you feel. We are LID 7/8/05. It somehow feels like every month we get further away from holding our daughter, rather than closer. When we started this process, I never dreamed we would be worrying about paperwork expiring! Hang in there. Enjoy these days with your sweet little boy!

Blogger Bryan & Carrie said...
Hang in there, Sandy. Our babies are on their way. We will be in China soon. I have a good feeling, don't know why, that we will be in China by October. Stay strong.


Blogger jeneflower said...
Hi. I found your blog through Lisa's (Elle's). Adoption is a bumpy road.

We are going to have to redo our fingerprints soon as well. I am not sure how to go about that. Do I just send them another check? Do I fill out the form again? Anyway, I hope you hear news soon!

Anonymous Andrea Bledsoe (White) said...
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