Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Home update!

Okay, Okay… So we have been home for well over a month and not a single post. (I know almost home two months!) I realize not good odds. But I think I am FINALLY getting into the swing of things, so hopefully I will be up and running again. Let’s just say adjustment was a bit rocky at first. It started with Kyra and Mommy getting VERY SICK. Nothing a little fluid from an IV for Kyra couldn’t help…. But then came the NASTY colds. And we must not forget a son that went from being the King of the castle to having to share his throne. Someone said it takes 28 – 30 days for a change to occur and to stick. And they were right. In the past several weeks Paul has been doing much better. He still has his moments but not nearly as bad as when we first came home.

Kyra is doing wonderfully. She is an amazing little girl and has made leap and bounds improvements. She has gone from a little pup that could barely sit up to a precious angel that crawls all over the place and trying to walk. She has figured out that if she flashes her amazing smile she will get anything she wants, and she has won over her Grandpa like no other. Kyra has met so many family and friends, and still have a ton to meet. She loves playing and loves “talking” on the telephone. I do apologize to anyone out there she may have called and we didn’t know about it. And apparently there have been few.

We are now busy getting ready for the holidays and mommy’s return to work after the holidays. (But we are not talking about that.) for now enjoy some pictures and I promise to do better updating!
Our journey to China is over but will never be forgotten. but now it life as a family of four. So look for a new design or new name... or something... I will let everyone know when I figure it out myself! IF you want to see additional pictures feel free to go to and look under kyra!
Till next time!
Blogger Julie and Chris said...
Glad you guys are all adjusting. Sorry to hear you all were so very sick ~ as if the re-entry process isn't difficult enough! I've been watching your site, hoping for an update on your sweet family. I am so happy to read that everyone is doing well!

We've been home from China for 10 weeks, and life is just starting to feel "new normal."

I know it will be a MUCH happier Christmas season for all of us this year! :o) Hope to see you guys in Columbus for the reunion in a few weeks.

Julie and Chris

Blogger Debbie & Kirk said...
She's a cutie - you must be happy to be home.

hoping for referral any day!

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