Monday, June 19, 2006
Finally a rumor I can live with :-)

I unfortunately did not have time to “blog” yesterday, so I did not get a chance to wish my dad, husband, and all father’s out there, a very HAPPY father’s day. Paul is blessed to have such a wonderful father and Grandfather.

Now, as I type this, I can’t even believe I am thinking it… let alone typing it. The Rumors this month has been GREAT! Rumor has it that referrals will go through the 28th of JUNE… that means only 6 days ahead of us! 6!!! 6!!! UM, do you want to hear the BEST part of that??? There are very few if any people Logged in July 1-3…. Now, trust me, my heart is extremely guarded and I know the definition of rumor. SO I know it isn’t fact. But for the first time in MONTHS I am starting to believe we will see pictures of our daughter by the end of next month / beginning of August. On my ticker I have says: hopeful referral by END of August. IF the current Rumors hold true it may be sooner than that. Oh, I am so hopefully referrals come out soon. I have a ton of buddies that are waiting anxiously for “the Call.” AND those that just got their referrals last month, already got their TA’s (travel Approval). All the sudden it feels real. I know it has been real for the 344 other days of this wait… but WOW. I have no idea how a pregnant person feels their last month before delivering, but I feel like I am going to jump out of my skin. I can hardly focus on anything, other than the rumor site and message boards. The anticipation has been so great for so long I think I may just fall apart once our referral does actually come. With Paul it was so different. We weren’t expecting a referral for 3-6 months and received one in a month. We didn’t have time for all this anticipation, or frustration. For now, I am going to enjoy the rumors, and pray that maybe just maybe they are true!

~Until Next time~
Blogger Aimee said...
Hang in're getting closer.

Blogger Kim said...
See you in China! Kim :)
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