Thursday, June 22, 2006
ON the Bubble!!!
We are on the “BUBBLE”!!!! The most amazing thing happened today…….. Referrals were sent from CHINA and they actually went through the 28th of JUNE (2005). SO the rumors were right!!! I am so excited for our agency / blogging buddies, most of them will be getting their referrals early next week. Referrals were sent from China 3:00 A.M EST today and they are on their way to the UNITED STATES! They should be here some time on Saturday, so unfortunately our friends will have to wait till Monday to get pictures of their precious children… BUT who cares, they are here!!!! And GOD willing we will BE NEXT! Truly, unless China wants to be cruel and unusual, which I know they are not, they are the most kind and loving country; we are next, we are next, WE ARE NEXT!!! Did I mention there are only three days ahead of us… I think I did!!! But just incase you have never read this blog before: there is June 29, 30th and the 4th of July in front of us. It appears that there were no referrals from the 1st – 3rd of July (darn).

So break down what does this all mean: referrals should be here for June 16 – 28th, 2005 early next week. Then in about 30 ish days referrals should be given out again and we *should* be included (GOD WILLING). About 4 weeks after the referral we will get travel approval (TA) and then about 3-4 weeks after that we will travel and bring home little KYRA LYNN.

Nothing can ruin my mood. Not work, nothing! So watch out blogging world, then next few months I will be a mess. (okay I know, so what will be different from now!) I am sure I will feel it is the slowest month ever. BUT bear with me. 5 months of paper work, 12 months waiting… and a life time of wanting children will do this to a girl. And Please do not get me wrong, I absolutely adore my life, and my son Paul, but this adoption has been one hell of a ride, and I know it is no where near being over. But I am taking this last step with total optimism and I am not going to let delays or set backs get me down any more. (okay if we have a delay or set back remind me of this blog….) For today, I am happy and excited that we are finally becoming that family of four!

Ah and I do have to say one more thing.. .if you want to spend a day in the life of an “adoptive mother to be” check out the site unexpected miracles. (on my blog roll). L. has the most amazing knack to say what we *adoptive* mothers to be are feeling. We may not be physically pregnant, but I dare you to challenge any one of us to say we are not as attached to a child that we do not know, as a woman is to her unborn child. We may not give birth, but that child grows with in our heart just the same! And we will go through anything to bring our children home! God bless all parents, especially those that were touched by the amazing thing we call adoption!

~Until next time~
Blogger Sandy said...
Yea!!!!! So glad to hear things are finally coming together. I look forward to seeing Miss Kyra's pic!!
MOmma to Evan, Aidan, and ABby

Blogger M3 (Mary-Mia) said...
Wasn't the news today exciting?!!!! We are so CLOSE!

Blogger Margaret said...
Yay! Your time is coming soon. I'm so excited for you!

Anonymous Traci said...

I am absolutely as excited for all of our late June/early July friends as we are for ourselves. It really is coming true. You, my friend, will be where we are VERY SOON!! June really did go fast for us and I pray July is the same way for you.

Stay busy.....that helped us a lot! You will be in next time. Don't doubt that. Just enjoy the anticipation!

Thank you for all of your support. I love reading your comments on our blog.

YEA!!! Sandy, Bob and Paul are having a baby!!!


Anonymous Lisa Samson said...
Wow - what great news as I log onto your site for the first time!

I can't imagine the roller coaster ride you've been living for so long. This too shall be the blink of an eye when you look back, just like these early years as a parent.

It's so awesome that you're keeping a record of your feelings so Paul and Kyra will see how loved they have been from the very beginning!

Looking forward to sharing the next round of parenthood with you...(though I won't be able to relate to the girl thing!).

Blogger Elle said...
Woo Hoo!! I am so glad to hear that the rumors were true for once.

Hey! I figured out how to fix your blog. I'll get on that this afternoon.

Anonymous Anonymous said...